Kukučínova 4245
05801 Poprad, Slovakia

T/F: +421 52 7793 663
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+421 903 661 002
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Company profile

Company Techpetrol s.r.o. Poprad is a privat company established in 1992. Our specialists proceed in supplying of technology for petrol stations. From 1997 we produce our own technologies for petrol stations especially modern electronic fuel dispensers. Company Techpetrol s.r.o. expanded its activities in  the Czech republic, Ukraine, Belorussia, Russia and  Romania. On the present we work on  proposal of our products for EU countries. We collaborate with several international component producers in making our technologies, as for example Elaflex, Eltomatic, Bennet and others. Company Techpetrol s.r.o. preferes modern, progressive technologies for petrol stations. Main specialization is production, supplies and installation of most modern technologies in the sphere like:

1. production of electronic fuel dispensers, type EVS 2000

2. production of components for technological distribution for petrol stations

3. supply and installation of plastic technological distribution for petrol stations

4. supply and installation of electronic monitoring equipment for petrol stations

Company Techpetrol s.r.o. performs in construction of petrol stations as general supplier. The main interest of company Techpetrol s. r.o. is client´s satisfaction which is based on reliability of its products. 24 hours guarantee service,   service after waranty  and prophylactics from our main service centres in Bratislava and Poprad, is certainty for us. Progressive technologies which we use allow  us to realize construction of petrol stations in the shortest time with minimum of capital costs.